about tec

SineDrive™ engines are able to deliver the perfect combination of big engine power and small engine fuel economy by changing the engine's compression ratio according to power demand. Optimization of engine compression ratio is accomplished through a unique, TEC patented variable compression ratio (VCR) method that is as mechanically simple as shifting a gear in a transmission.

The SineDrive™ engine platform is essentially a conventional in-line 6-cylinder engine wrapped in a circle, with all parts from the pistons and above being similar to commercially available engine components. However, SineDrive™ engine technology replaces a conventional crankshaft with guided, low-friction pistons and a simple, cam-like sinusoidal disc to transfer the motion of the pistons to the driveshaft.

SineDrive™ engines offer fuel economy and emissions benefits when operating on any type of fuel, including spark-ignitable fuels such as gasoline, compression-ignitable fuels such as diesel or alternative fuels and biofuels. The ability of SineDrive™ engines to vary compression ratio also allows the engines to self-optimize their compression ratio to run multiple fuel types in the same engine.

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