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As higher corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) targets are set, auto manufacturers will have to push the limits of innovation and come up with new, never before thought of ways to meet those targets. The current 2016 mandate of an average fuel economy of 35.5 miles per gallon (MPG) pushes the very limits of today's technology, and the upcoming 2025 mandate of 54.5 MPG will pose an extraordinarily difficult challenge for auto manufacturers. For auto manufacturers that can't meet the mandated MPG requirements, fines are expected to significantly affect their bottom line.

With 35% better fuel economy than a standard gasoline engine and 10% better fuel economy than a standard diesel engine, TEC engines provide a powerful solution to help meet these new standards. By utilizing variable compression to enable effective use of clean alternative fuel types, fuels such as natural gas, which allows auto manufacturers to receive credits that enhance their CAFE rating, it is possible that TEC engines will not only enable auto manufacturers to meet upcoming CAFE requirements, but to effectively surpass the upcoming CAFE targets for 2025.


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