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When JP-8 diesel fuel is required and conventional diesel offerings are too heavy for the job, the TEC Helios™ engine offers an ultra-lightweight, high power density solution that outperforms all other options.

The TEC Helios™ is a JP-8 fueled, two-cycle uniflow diesel engine utilizing TEC SineDrive™ technology that is intended for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The ability of the Helios™ to vary compression ratio allows it to be designed for ultra-high performance and lightweight while still preserving the ability to operate at high altitudes.

On the ground, compression ratio is kept low to allow extremely high levels of turbocharging to be used. As the UAV ascends in altitude, compression ratio is increased to maintain stable combustion of JP-8 fuel to well above 30,000 feet.

The TEC Helios™ engine also eliminates the complexities of the reduction gearing required by conventional UAV engine offerings. The high torque and lower operating speed of the SineDrive™ system in the TEC Helios™ engine allows the engine to provide peak power at the ideal speed required for UAV propellers, eliminating the need for gearing between the engine and propeller.

With the ability to vary compression ratio according to power demand and altitude, the TEC Helios™ will provide nearly triple the power density (power per unit of weight) of current state-of-the-art JP-8 diesel-fueled engines used in Predator-class UAVs.

A system profile of the Helios™ compared to other UAV engine offerings is available upon request to serious licensees by emailing TEC at




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