about tec

TEC is a technology development and licensing company located in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in the development of advanced engine and powertrain technologies that increase fuel economy without any compromise in power or performance.

TEC's flagship invention is SineDrive™ engine technology. A SineDrive™ engine is completely unique because it provides ultra-high power density and torque, while at the same time offering hybrid-level fuel economy and emissions.

In automotive applications, a SineDrive™ engine will provide 35% better fuel economy than a conventional gasoline engine of similar power. Unlike other new engine and hybrid technologies, a SineDrive™ engine can do this for the same cost as a standard technology V-6 engine.

In diesel applications a SineDrive engine will provide 10% better fuel economy and up to 80% less NOx emissions than a standard diesel engine in a light-duty cycle. It will reduce the cost of diesel emissions aftertreatment and also provide lighter, more power-dense diesel engines.

As part of our development and marketing program, TEC has entered into a joint venture with CT Autosport and World of Outlaws and IndyCar driver PJ Chesson to facilitate the development of TEC racing engines. Chesson has lined up a team of prominent IndyCar drivers, including Marco Andretti and Tomas Scheckter, and Dakar veteran Charlie Rauseo to race TEC engines in the 2014 Dakar Rally.




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